Louis Vuitton Playing Cards Set 3 French Deck

Nº stock: CBL1056

Article type: Playing Cards Set

Year: -

Material: Cardboard

Color: White/Black/Red/Blue/Yellow

Size: 9x6x2

Serial number: -

Includes: Box and wrapping plastic

Condition: 1 - mint

Details: The cover has a circle opening that allows you to see the ace of clubs inside.

Price: By request


The Louis Vuitton box slides to discover a playing cards set containing three French decks. Each one comes inside a brown cardboard cover nicely embossed with both house motives and the four suits: hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. Each deck consists of 52 cards crafted of satin finish cardboard with a delicate golden trim on the corners. One side shows the number and the suit whereas the rear side is decorated with a Louis Vuitton motive -red, blue or yellow depending on the deck-. The sets include two jokers and a card with instructions to play contract bridge.




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